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Large Format Photography

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Cereal Box
“Cereal Box” Exercise demonstrating
The Scheimpflug Principle

Large Format

Topics Covered In Class Include:

  • Exposure & Meter Readings
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Scheimplfug
  • Selective Focus
  • Focal Lengths and Lenses
  • Architectural Photography
  • Shape Manipulation
  • Macro Photography
  • Still Life and Composition
This is the same large format class that Tom Moore taught at the Art Institute of Colorado for 20 years. This curriculum is still being taught today. This online class can be used as supplemental tutoring for photo students, or by advanced amateurs who are interested in large format. Be aware that this is not an introductory photography class. A basic understanding of photographic principles, specifically Fstops and lens focal lengths, is highly recommended. The camera movements, (‘swings’ and ’tilts’,) taught in this class are typically found on ‘modern’ studio large format cameras. Some of these movements may not be available on some ‘field’ or antique cameras. In order to get the most out of this class you should have access to a Large Format View Camera, a light meter and some basic studio lighting equipment. You can shoot either color, b&w or ‘instant’ film. A digital back, if available, can also be used.
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