Studio Electronic Flash

This course is designed to introduce students to electronic flash and color photography in a studio setting. The course will also cover advanced lighting techniques as well as design and composition principles as they relate to the studio still life and portrait photography.  Students will concentrate on problem solving skills and complete a variety of assignments that are designed to challenge their skills in lighting, camera operation, and commercial interpretation.


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  • Using an Electronic Flash Pack
  • Using Light Modifiers
  • Light Positioning
  • Identify photographic tools and their purpose
  • Select appropriate lighting instrument
  • Use grip equipment
  • Use appropriate lighting sources
  • Utilize flash meter and reflective/incident light meters to determine exposure
  • Employ tools to manipulate light
  • Balance mixed lighting sources, continuous and electronic flash
  • The ability to make artificial light appear like natural light by applying technical skills in a creative way
  • Utilize lighting to create an underlying mood or feeling
  • Demonstrate lighting skills in the studio
  • Determine appropriate source to enhance subject texture and form


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