Basic Studio Lighting

Portrait photography in both the commercial and consumer realms is a wonderful and rewarding way to make a living. To be able to capture and then share with others the essence of a person in a photograph, that will last for the rest of time, is a truly a privilege. To get paid for it is even better. This section of will explore some time tested portrait lighting and posing techniques along with a brief look at some of the business aspects of commercial vs. consumer Portraiture and why they differ from other types of photography.


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Class Topics

  • Metering and Exposure
  • Light Types
  • Light Functions
  • Light vs. Dark
  • Key & Fill
  • Black on Black, White on White
  • Glass with Rim LIght
  • Shiny Objects
  • Karsh Portrait
  • Still Life & Composition

This section is intended to introduce the photographer to the basic principles of light and the some primary strategies in lighting subjects with different properties. The material will cover topics that apply to all capture devices. This material is often taught in conjunction with the large format section therefore for the purpose of continuity the capture device used will be a Large format camera.

Before proceeding photographers should be aware that although material being presented is an introductory studio lighting, it is not introductory to photography. Photographers should be familiar with some photography prior knowledge in order to get the most out of this material. Many we will be using a large format cameras, therefore photographers should also familiarize themselves with the Large format camera terms, movements, and materials covered in the Large Format class.

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