Scheimpflug Selective Focus

One of the best ways to draw the viewers attention to the “star” of a photograph and away from distracting or competing compositional elements is to use the “Scheimpflug selective focus” technique. In the digital age a great way to achieve selective focus is still by using one of the oldest technologies, the large format camera. The large format camera allows the photographer to cut a plane of focus through the photograph. Thus multiplying the visual effect that shallow depth of field would yield alone. Although there are some amateur DSLR attachments and expensive fixed format lenses with shift tilt capabilities that may simulate this effect, nothing gives a photographer the same control as the standard lenses and movements that come with every view camera. Its just a matter of using the right tool for the job. After all a carpenter could drive a nail with a pair of pliers but why would he if he owned and knew how to use a hammer. The view camera is still a viable tool used by professional photographers; its their hammer. In this new video the proper use of this Scheimpflug selective focus technique is demonstrated by the Tomonator, and sample photographs by contributing photographers Matt Lowery and Junior Robles are featured.

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