Photography is something that many people have started showing an interest in nowadays. Photography is the art of creating and capturing images; it can be a great hobby or a source of extra income. Beginner photographers that have been searching for photography ideas can benefit from this article that we will be talking about here at My Photo Lesson. If you want to know more information and you want to learn more information about some shots that are suited for beginners, then we encourage you to keep reading below to find out. 

Here are some of the ideas that can be considered by beginners when they’re just starting out with their photography.

Take photos with a blurred background – As a beginner, one starting shot that you can consider is a shot that has a blurred background. A blurred background will be a great way to emphasize the subject of the photo and is commonly used in different forms of photography.

You can do it easily by using different types of camera lenses and you will not need any other equipment to pull this off, which makes it very beginner-friendly. When you capture a photo with blurred background, your images will get a more polished and professional look. 

Another thing about a blurred background is that you can easily change what you focus on. So if you usually focus on your subject, you can try focusing on another element within the frame. For example, if you are taking a photo of a child playing with bubbles, you can focus on the bubbles instead of the child’s face, which can result in a different effect than you would usually get from your regular photos.

Get perfect exposure – As a beginner, if you are trying to get the right exposure on your photos, you have to know that there are three things that you have to balance: aperture, ISO settings, and shutter speed. You can do this by shooting images in automatic or priority mode. When you are familiar with everything, you can try shooting with manual camera controls so that you will have the first-hand experience to understand the connection of the three things, and that by perfectly combining the three, you will get a great image with perfect exposure. 

Aperture – Aperture is the term used to describe the size of the opening in the lens diaphragm. The smaller the number of the aperture, the larger the opening, which means there is a more shallow depth of field in your photos. When an aperture is higher, it will allow for less light and affect your images by making them look sharper. 

ISO – ISO is the term used to describe the sensitivity of the sensor or film to the light. When you are taking photos with limited light, you should be using higher and more sensitive ISO settings so that you can capture the photo properly. 800-1600 ISO is recommended for a balanced photo. Always remember that when you use higher settings, it will result in more noise or grain in your photo. 

Shutter speed – Shutter speed is the term used to describe the length of time the camera shutter is open. It also describes the amount of time that the sensor and film is exposed to the light. Faster speeds can stop motion, while slower speeds, allow for more light exposure, allowing you to capture motion and blur on the photo. 

Shoot beautiful portrait photos – As a beginner, you can learn to capture a beautiful portrait by using a large window with natural light coming in with a neutral background. You can set this up by having your subject face the light. Flat light is not dramatic, so as you get better and learn the basics of taking photos, you can then place your subject so the window will be at their side. Doing so can help create shadows on their face, which will allow you to capture a dramatic photo with more depth and dimension. 

Prevent camera shake – As a beginner in photography, camera shake is not uncommon and can occur while you are taking photos, which can render a photo useless. You can increase the ISO and open the aperture so that it will allow quicker shutter speed, decreasing the possibility of ending up with blurry photos. 

You can also reduce camera movement by knowing how to hold a camera properly. Use one hand to support the body of the camera and the other hand to support the lens. Your elbows must be placed against your body so that it can rest on something stable. Hold your breath before pressing the shutter release. You can also stabilize your body by finding something to lean on, which could be a table, wall, tree, floor, etc. If you are taking photos that have longer exposures, you might have to use a tripod. 

The rule of thirds – As a beginner photographer, you can use a photography tool called the rule of thirds. This is easy to do, you just have to imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal parts with two horizontal and two vertical lines. Human eyes are normally drawn to the points where the lines cross, so you can place a point of interest there which can result in an interesting and more appealing image. 

Take photos from above – One way to make your photos stand out as a beginner is taking a photo from an unusual viewpoint. A bird’s eye view is not something that you see a lot of and can be a refreshing perspective to take when taking photos. It is easy to do, just position your subject below you and angle yourself in an elevated spot to take the photo. If it is sunny out, this angle can be a great way for you to take photos with shadows; it can be an interesting way to capture your subject with unusual results. 

Starburst photography – Starburst photography is another beginner-friendly style to take with your photography. This style is easy to pull off, but the results make you look as good as any professional because of how interesting the final photo is. You can do this idea by using any source of light, such as a streetlight, the sun, or a lamp, etc., and pointing your camera lens at it. This will produce an effect where the source of light will have a star shape look with lines spreading around the light source. 

Incorporating negative space in photos – It can be hard to remember as a beginner, but you should never forget to use negative space when taking photos. It can be an excellent addition to your photo and give it an artistic feel. It can be easily accomplished; you do not have to be an expert photographer to do it. 

Negative space in a photograph means “empty space” around the subject of your photo. The empty space does not need to be completely neutral; you can use anything that will not draw your target audience from your subject. For example, you can take a photo of your subject and use a black background; it adds negative space and does not draw the eye away from the subject. 

Capture motion blur – As a beginner photographer, you can try capturing a photo with motion blur. It is a great way to get a beautiful image and at the same time, teaches you to use the shutter speed properly. Motion blur can be accomplished in a photo by adding blur to the areas of the subject that are moving. For example, you can take a photo of a spinning top and you can see its movement while it is going around. 

Silhouette photography – Silhouette photographer is a great style of photography where you can incorporate drama, emotion, mystery, and mood in a photograph. A silhouette is a term used to define a view of a subject or object that consists of the outline and an indistinctive interior, and the silhouetted object is usually black. You need to control your camera well to capture it, but when done right, these types of photos are well worth it. 

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